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In the process of putting together weekly posts for the musician, who cooks, I take a lot of pictures. When I first started taking pictures of food, the single best piece of advice I read was to use natural light when taking photos. Fortunately we’ve got a big sunny window in the kitchen, and this is usually where I stage my shots. Unfortunately, I am limited by my skill level with a camera, and if the available light is fickle or fading, then I am at the mercy of it. What should be a simple shot can become a long process, when maybe all I need to do is adjust the shutter speed or some other little tweak that is second nature to a trained and experienced photographer. In other words, I need to learn the fundamentals.

The good news for food bloggers like me is that there are many online resources to help improve your photography skills. One of these opportunities is happening all next week at creativeLIVE, a fantastic online school with courses in several subjects including photography, design, technology, web design, filmmaking, and fine arts. The class I’ll be taking is “Fundamentals of Digital Photography,” taught by photographer John Greengo, from April 9th through the 13th, and it’s free. To take part, all you have to do is register as a user on the website, enroll in the class ahead of time, and then log in to watch the class live at its scheduled time. (Be sure to set up your time zone correctly when you register so you get the right start and end times for each class). A downloadable recorded version of the class is available at a discounted price before the class starts, and at regular price after the class ends. You can also watch the class on your smartphone or electronic tablet using the USTREAM app, available for both iPhone, iPad, and Android phone and tablet users.

Another great online educational resource for amateur photographers is Craft&Vision, with beautiful e-books available for download for $5 each. The website also offers a free ebook, 11 Ways You Can Improve Your Photography, a collection of articles written by photographers with practical tips and insight on capturing the picture you want. Below I’ve listed other online resources which give tips mainly for food photography. You’ve heard the expression that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”; I think it’s also true that a perfect picture is in the lens of the photographer-you just have to learn how to capture it.

Photography-Online Resources

An online school that streams photography classes live

Excellent educational ebooks at affordable prices

A link to Super Natural Cooking author Heidi Swanson’s tips on photography and her super-great blog

Lara Ferroni
A food photographer’s blog with recipes, photography tips, doughnuts, and love

Taylor Takes A Taste
A food photographer who offers tips and tutorials, recipes and workshops

Learn Food Photography and Food Styling
All kinds of tips and info from a photographer and food stylist couple

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