spanish omelette with zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan & goat cheese


It’s been nearly two weeks since I planted four cantaloupe seeds. Each seed was placed in a little soil in a separate pod in an egg carton, and the carton placed on the sunny windowsill of the large kitchen window seat. This past Sunday two of the seeds, now sprouts, poked their bent over necks up out of the soil, and on Monday they raised their heads from the dirt. By Tuesday, the third sprout appeared, and on Wednesday the fourth sprout peeked out of the soil. 

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2 for 1: cashew milk, cashew cream

As someone who loves to eat, it’s been exciting to get creative and try new things while following a healthier path. You might think that some of these things are more complicated, but with a little pre-planning and prep work, they have actually simplified the process of eating well. Once made, these foods are good to go, ready to be adapted with additional ingredients in whatever way you desire. Best of all, they taste great.

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got almond milk?

It’s nearing the end of week two of the 21-day detox diet, and in just this short period of time I’ve added quite a few things to my expanding food lexicon. What I used to think of as alternative is becoming a more varied way to eat, with many delicious discoveries. I’m also continuing to learn how to use whole food as a way to allow the body, as much as possible, to heal itself.

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