ginger juice

How to make ginger juice |
I thought I’d occasionally share ideas for staples that I keep in our kitchen and use nearly every day. One of my favorites is ginger juice. Spicy, pungent, great for digestion and in cold and flu tonics… I use it so often that it became a chore I needed to simplify. So I came up with this idea of how to always have the flavor of ginger ready to go. There’s really no recipe here, only a few descriptive steps. Be sure you have a pair of protective plastic gloves to wear while working with the ginger, especially if you have skin that reacts strongly to handling spicy foods. I purchased a box of disposable nitrile gloves which keep me from dealing with burning and irritated hands anytime I prep a bunch of ginger. You’ll also need a powerful blender such as a Vitamix to purée the ginger, which is one tough root.

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homemade mustard

Mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard. For hamburgers, it’s the condiment trinity. You may be well-acquainted with this trio already. But what you might not know is how much better these three are in their homemade version, and how easy they are to make. What’s more, once you get the hang of the basic recipes, you can customize their flavors to your liking. If you’ve been following recent posts, then you already know how to make your own mayonnaise and ketchup. This week, we complete the condiments part of the healthy homemade hamburger meal with a simple recipe for mustard. 

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homemade ketchup


While I was growing up, and until a few years ago, when it came to burgers and fries, I was a ketchup fiend. I had a friend ask me once, while we were eating at a now defunct burger place we visited often, “would you like a burger and fries with that ketchup?” When it came to certain foods, ketchup was definitely a serious condiment, and though I use much less of it now, I still prefer it to barbecue sauce when given the choice for dressing basic sandwiches or fries.

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Back in the day, we lived in a house, in a neighborhood, all built by a local contractor, who lived down the street with a huge acre-sized yard, right next to his large contractor-sized house. As the neighborhood kids we gathered there to play many a game, and during the summertime, we sometimes played even past dark. I remember lining up to the sounds of “red rover, red rover” and running full throttle in order to break through the opposing line held by linked arms, sometimes collapsing the line and sometimes being caught. Other times, we’d play hide and seek, and to evade capture by whoever was “it”, you had to run to the chosen safe zone (a tree, a rock, the side of the house) before being tagged. If you made it unscathed, you were home free. Or you waited until the tagger yelled out “olly-olly-oxen-free”, which meant anybody still hiding could come out without being caught. The euphoria of the chase was always a high. As a kid, it was simple to create your own fun. 

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