grain-free currant scones with clementine compound butter

currant scones |
I’ll keep this short and sweet as many of us will be gathering to celebrate Easter this weekend, and the point is to have something easy but amazing to serve at brunch or breakfast. Predictably, it’s another favorite scone recipe from Kim Boyce’s Good To The Grain, and I’ve adapted it as a tender and rustic grain-free version.

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grain-free rosemary, chocolate & olive oil cake

grain-free olive oil cake |
Rosemary, chocolate, and olive oil. It’s an amazing combination of flavors that I first came across several years ago in Kim Boyce’s “Olive Oil Cake” from her inspiring and innovative cookbook, Good To the Grain. It’s also a combination that I’ve used before for a favorite brownie recipe which one of these days I’d like to re-do as grain-free. But more to the point, let’s talk about this cake.

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mini almond cakes with lemon ganache


Technology, when it makes life simpler, is a very helpful thing. I’ve finally, at long last, gotten the latest version of that phone, the one that when first introduced proceeded to revolutionize the world’s mobile habits, and I’m so very happy with how much easier it is to organize my life with it. And because it is so much easier, that underlying frustration that comes with having to tolerate something that didn’t work well is gone, gone, gone; and good riddance to it.

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lime mock-a-rita


My favorite margarita to make at home comes frozen, with five ingredients: fresh lime juice, a simple syrup of sugar and water, tequila, and triple sec. At Chuy’s restaurant, where we often ate when we lived in Austin, we were introduced to the fancier sangria margarita, frozen, with a swirl of sangria mixed in. For our less-fancy home version, we simply stir in a shooter made with fruity red wine and peach schnapps. 

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pistachio cardamom ice cream


I’m a couple of weeks early for national ice cream month, which officially starts in July, but who needs an official reason to eat ice cream? Continuing on my cardamom binge, I offer you this pistachio cardamom ice cream. I’ve finally gotten around to trying the ice cream base recipe from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams At Home by Jeni Britton Bauer, and the slightly adapted version I made provides the base for the added flavors of roasted pistachios and ground cardamom. There’s a whole science behind Jeni’s method to making ice cream, and it’s an informative read in the article “Here’s the Scoop” by Molly O’Neill, which first appeared in Saveur magazine.

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lemon rose granita


When we lived in California, we used to regularly visit Second Street in Long Beach, located in the neighborhood of Belmont Shore. I’d forgotten how often we’d gone there, and how many great food memories I had from the small storefront or side street restaurants we loved to go to. One of our favorites was Cafe Gazelle, an Italian restaurant that despite its tiny dining space was big on atmosphere and authentic food and consistently packed out; another was a sweets shop called Grandma’s Sugarplums that was overflowing with an amazing variety of homemade desserts. After finding a parking spot, we would often start walking at one end of Second Street and just wander until we decided where to eat; sometimes we made it past the window of Sweet Jill’s Bakery while they were making fresh cinnamon rolls, and sometimes not.

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