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It’s about time I made some new treats for Hiro; I’ve gotten lazy and have fallen into the bad habit of making do by just grabbing a bit of the kibble from his regular food, and using that as a treat or reward. Most of the time, Hiro’s okay with that, but occasionally, he’ll prefer hanging on to his chew toy over getting more kibble, and you can’t blame him. “What! Lamb and rice kibble again?” he may (or may not) be thinking. Since he’s been such a trooper during our recent move, despite having been yanked from his old backyard with a view to one with a brick wall, I think he deserves a little better. So here you go, buddy, I’ve made these sweet potato treats especially for you. Who’s a good boy? 

Hiro’s Sweet Potato Treats

1 cup/170 grams cooked, mashed sweet potato
2 cups/320 grams brown rice flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
2 tablespoons/12 grams flat-leaf parsley, minced
1 cup/210 grams chicken broth

Bake or microwave a medium sweet potato (about 1 pound) until very tender. Wrap in foil and let cool to room temperature. Once cool, cut the sweet potato open and scoop out the inside flesh into a potato ricer, leaving the skin behind, and press the sweet potato through the ricer. Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Measure out one cup of riced sweet potato and place into a large bowl. In a separate smaller bowl, measure the brown rice flour and the baking powder and stir together until blended. Add the brown rice flour mixture to the large bowl containing the sweet potato, and mix together using your fingers to combine until well-blended. Add the parsley and mix in with your fingers as well. Pour in the chicken broth, and stir just until the mixture comes together and begins to form into a ball.

Divide the dough in half; keep remaining half covered so it doesn’t dry out. Place dough half on a large piece of parchment paper lightly floured with more brown rice flour. Press the dough into an 8-inch by 8-inch square, about 1/4 inch thick. (Alternatively, you can roll the dough a little thinner, to about 1/8 of an inch thick, for a more cracker-like consistency; just adjust the cooking time as needed since the dough may firm up more quickly). Cut into 1-inch pieces, using a ruler if you need to keep things evenly spaced. If you can, spread the pieces out slightly on the parchment paper after you cut them; if the dough is too soft or sticky, just leave them as is. Lift the parchment paper with the cut dough onto a large baking sheet, and place in the oven. Bake for twenty-five minutes for a chewy cookie-like texture; bake ten minutes more for a crisper, cracker-like texture. Repeat the above steps for the remaining dough. Remove and place on a cooling rack. Let the treats sit until completely cooled; break into the pre-cut pieces if you didn’t separate them before baking. Place amount you’ll use in a week in an air-tight canister at room temperature. Freeze the rest of the treats in a freezer-safe bag or container.

Makes 128 one-inch treats

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