parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme

It’s spring break this week, so I’ve taken a little reprieve from recipe posting and am working on a new garden. The potted brown turkey fig trees have come out of the garage and on to the back porch, along with the potted lavender, and my husband is building a 12′ x 4′ x 6″ raised bed for planting. Yesterday we purchased ten small containers of herbs from the farmer’s market, all different kinds, and they also sit on the back porch, patiently waiting.

We’re lucky to have an excellent local feed and hardware store just around the corner that is a great resource for home gardeners. This morning, my husband returned from the store with an info sheet on square foot gardening and an ingredient list for an optimum soil mix. Once he finishes prepping the soil, I’ll be planting my new herbs.

The garden will also be our first attempt at growing our own vegetables. We’ll be starting from seed, first growing them in cardboard egg cartons sitting on the well-lit indoor window seat, then transferring them to the backyard raised planter. I’ll be spending a lot more time outside tending to the garden, and my dog Hiro couldn’t be happier to have the company. Being his territory and all, it would be nice if Hiro became the garden’s protector from hungry birds or other invading creatures, assuming he won’t be one of them.

We’ll see.

If all grows well, then this summer I’ll be cutting fresh herbs, picking plump figs, harvesting ripe vegetables, listening to the dragonflies buzz by, and watching the daylight linger, all as a little music plays in my head.

“Tell him to gather it all in a sack,
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.
And carry it home on a butterfly’s back,
And then he shall be a true lover of mine.”

-lyrics, traditional, from Scarborough Fair

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