strawberries with sweet orange liqueur & cardamom

Here in the United States, the month of July was the warmest on record, and the heat doesn’t appear to be subsiding yet. What’s needed is a little relief, something cool and easy, and I think some simply dressed fruit is perfectly appropriate. Since this recipe is the type you throw together by feel and taste, it hardly needs an explanation, or even an exact amount for each ingredient-just make as much or as little as you want. I really did just throw it together the other night after dinner, and as hoped, the flavors played very well together for a light, refreshing finish to the meal. The liqueur and cardamom-coated strawberries, especially when left to soak for awhile, go beautifully with vanilla ice cream, too. Serve in a bowl to share, or if you’re concerned you won’t get enough, make a bowl all for yourself.

Strawberries with Sweet Orange Liqueur and Cardamom

Ripe strawberries
Sweet orange liqueur
Ground cardamom

Rinse and pat dry strawberries. Trim off the leafy green tops, and slice in halves. Place cut strawberries in a bowl, and drizzle generously with the orange liqueur. Sprinkle the strawberries with some ground cardamom, and stir to evenly coat them with the liqueur and the cardamom. Serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate to let the berries macerate for a little while, and spoon the berries and their liquid as a topping over your favorite vanilla ice cream.

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