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We’ve fallen behind in starting this year’s garden, with both of us working, but as soon as we can corral ourselves for an afternoon, we’ll do some planting. Though I’ve got a tray full of herbs, I’d still like to get a few more, including sorrel, with its sharp, lemony flavor, good for sauces, soups, and pestos. Currently packed on the tray and awaiting their new locations in the garden is Thai basil, along with the standard Genovese, a spearmint to go with a chocolate mint; lavender, oregano, onion chives, thyme, Italian parsley, French tarragon, rosemary, sage, and my husband’s favorite mint tea sweetener, stevia. 

On the other hand, the weather hasn’t exactly been ideal for getting things planted. Though the calendar says it’s Spring, an unexpected two-day cold snap (which happened after the last frost date of winter and a warming spell) unkindly burned the tender new leaves on our fig trees. Though it looks like the trees are okay, I wonder if the warm up-cool down cycle we’ve had lately is at all confusing to the natural cycles of plants. Even so, the plants still seem to soldier on, and that is always encouraging to see.

Along with working and planting our garden, I’ve been volunteering for an organization called Cuisine for Healing. Created to help cancer patients receive nutritional support during treatment by delivering healthy meals to them, I share a bi-weekly delivery schedule with several other volunteers. Like me, these volunteers are people who share a deep belief that nourishing food is an important part of the healing process. Though the delivery is often a very brief encounter with someone, it’s a good way to be a healing part of what is usually a difficult journey. Though both my husband and I are now cancer-free, it’s a reminder for me of our own experience, and how taking time to help others is another way to plant good things. You can learn more about Cuisine For Healing on their website, and also donate to the organization online.

Last of all, starting this month, I’ll be going to a once-a-month posting schedule. With the beginning of Spring, I’m feeling the need to take time to plant other things, including ideas for a project I hope to share more about in the future. I appreciate those of you who continue to follow the musician, who cooks, and hope you’ll keep joining me here. Until next time…

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    • Thanks Marty, I appreciate being missed! Actually I’m just very busy lately with several things, and to keep the quality of the recipes and posts on a level I’m happy with, I decided to post on a monthly basis, as the content for the recipe posts usually takes awhile for me to develop and prepare. More good things coming though, and a new post in May!

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