the whole 30, week two & three


My husband and I are still diligently holding the line here in following the whole30 auto-immune protocol, and we have one week left until we complete the 30-day challenge. Once we reach that goal, we’ll to try to stick to the auto-immune protocol for an additional two months to see what kind of progress we can make in our health.

I’m scheduled for a check-up with my primary care doctor towards the end of that time, so it’ll be interesting to find out if things like cholesterol and blood sugar have improved. I’ve lost 8 pounds without trying and have been eating whenever I’m hungry, but though I have a good amount of energy in the morning, by the late afternoon I’m feeling more spent then usual, so getting enough sleep is really important right now.

The hardest thing I’ve found in following this protocol is the amount of cooking I have to do in order to have things around that we can eat, because really almost everything has to be made from scratch. We’ve been eating some pretty delicious stuff, so it’s worth all the work, but there’s no slacking off in order to keep up and not go hungry. I’ve discovered brussel sprout chips from my Nom Nom Paleo app, Coconut “Mayo” and Coconut Pesto (among lots of other great dishes) from the Auto-Immune Paleo Cookbook, and have been loading up my whole30 Pinterest board with lots of new meals to try. While I may have initially thought that my choices would be drastically limited, it just hasn’t proven true; nonetheless I do have to remind myself that chocolate, which I really haven’t craved until the last day or so, is still not on the menu (yet).

It’s also been instructive to explore the many conversations around the paleo diet through different blogs, and to read the stories about people who’ve experienced positive results because they adopted a paleo approach to eating. The interesting thing is that once you start down this road, you learn that there isn’t just one approach to the paleo diet, there are many. One of the books I’m interested in reading is Chris Kresser’s book Your Personal Paleo Code. Chris seems to be considered to be one of the best minds in the Paleo community, so I’m hoping it will be an informative read.

So where will we end up with all of this? I don’t know exactly, but I know some of the changes we’ve made to our eating habits are some very good ones. As Melissa and Dallas Hartwig write repeatedly their book It Starts With Food, if you want to improve your health, change the food you put on your plate.

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