to cook or not to cook? there is no question…

Welcome to “the musician, who cooks.”

The title of this blog has two meanings. The first is pretty obvious. I am a musician who cooks. It’s a daily pleasure, a road back to health, and fairly cheap therapy.

The subtler meaning refers to an older term used among musicians. To “cook” meant to play really well, or was used when the music being played had a great energy happening.

Music and food are two essences of my life. Both can create community and allow space to enjoy the moment. Like good music, good food is an immediately gratifying and visceral experience.

I’ll be wandering through this territory, always trying to find my true north. The focus will be on food that is whole and real, what is inspiring me at the moment, and ingredients that may slightly vary from the norm.

I hope you join me in my journey!

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